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Welcome to se_rpgads!

This community is intended for the advertisement of Square Enix-inspired roleplaying games. Seeing as there are tons and tons of celebrity, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. exclusive RPG advertising communities, and considering the myriad of people who enjoy playing Square Enix-inspired games as well, there was obvious need for this community.

So, instead of having to sift through tons of other posts to find an RPG to join in the regular communities, and instead of embarassing yourself by advertising in community after community and spamming up everyone's friends lists :P you can come here and advertise your game, and everyone who is potentially interested will be able to find it easily!

We hope you guys appreciate this community's presence and use it for what it is intended for. We know a lot of people get annoyed with repeated advertisements, and we know a lot of people have trouble finding the games they'd like to while sifting through a bunch of other posts, and of course there's always the chance of getting your post deleted as spam. ^^; Our main intention was to simply make all the SE communities a bit more organized.

YOU MUST READ THESE BEFORE POSTING IN THE COMMUNITY. We will probably know if you did not. If you break any of the rules listed here, expect to have your post deleted without warning.

+ The advertisements, of course, can only be for Square Enix-inspired games. This includes the entirety of the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, Musashi, etc., to name a few. Crossovers between others (like Namco and Capcom, for example) are also acceptable. Please research whether or not your game fits before posting it.

+ Please keep advertisements easy to read. That means the size of banners should not exceed 500x300 (so as not to kill dial-up users TOO badly, and to not stretch anyone's friends pages), and the textual content must include understandable grammar and spelling. It would also be wonderful if what you say was a bit eloquent instead of just "join my RPG!" Tell us why, tell us the story, tell us the basic gist of it all. Lengthy advertisements (those that go beyond about five or six lines) should be placed behind an LJ-cut. If you're having trouble producing a suitable ad on your own, you may use the form we have provided in order to help you. You don't have to follow it religiously, but it does include the things we think are important to tell about while pimpin' your game. :)

+ Please only post games once every week. As the community grows, the time will be extended.

+ You may also post "Looking for..." ads. If you're a single player looking for a partner, or an entire game, that works too. :) The form would be kind of different, however, obviously.

Referenced from rpg_promo. Keep in mind this is not mandatory, but if you would like to use it as a guideline for a good advertisement, feel free!

Coming soon~

Coming soon~