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schierach in se_rpgads

Final Fantasy XII RP: Age of Occuria

Title: Age of Occuria
Series: Final Fantasy XII
Genre: Post-Game
Format: Message Board
Rating: PG-13

Specifics: There are a number of canon character slots still open, we are especially seeking a Fran and Penelo, and we welcome/encourage original characters.

Description: Age of Occuria is a play-by-post roleplay taking place immediately following the epilogue of Final Fantasy XII. It's been a year since the defeat of Vayne Solidor and the departure of Venat, as marked in Penelo's letter to the young Emperor Larsa Solidor.

Since the fall of Vayne and the Bahamut, Ivalice has been making great strides to heal and rebuild. Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca has at last been coronated as Queen of Dalmasca, and has been doing her best to restore the morale of her people, many of whom lost much to the Archadian Empire during the war and military occupation of Rabanastre. She and Emperor Larsa have put a solid peace treaty in place and are working to improve relations between their countries, though their subjects have shown some hesitance, particularly those in Dalmasca, who are still smarting from the actions of Emperor Gramis and Vayne Solidor. In general, however, things are improving there, the return of Ashe being a great inspiration to the people of Dalmasca.

To the south, Rozarria is removed as it always has been, though Al-Cid Margrace has visited Rabanastre under the title of Goodwill Ambassador more than once since Ashe reclaimed the throne. Bhujerba remains autonomous and is peaceful, though Marquis Ondore has kept a very close guard on comings and goings about the Lhusu Mines. Balfonheim is experiencing trouble in Reddas' absence, with those who opposed him no longer afraid of the consequences of acting out. The pirate port is on the brink of a small-scale civil war, with Reddas' followers pitted against the "oldtimer" pirates. Several of Reddas' most loyal followers are working hard to maintain peace, though the situation is becoming quite strained.

Other: The game officially opens early next week! Come play with us!


October 2011

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