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October 29th, 2011

exploration_hq in se_rpgads

Rifted Guilds: A Panfandom Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

In a world populated by Pokemon, an uncharted chain of islands has just been settled. With a majority of the archipelago still unexplored, it's only natural that an exploration guild would be formed to explore the rest... and, in an unprecedented instance, three different Guildmasters have stepped up to the plate to explore these islands' mysteries.

Speaking of mysteries, the fact that you're here is quite a big one. You're from another world, and you were previously a human, a robot, an anthropomorphic animal... well, whatever you were, you most certainly weren't a Pokemon before you woke up in a stone circle near the archipelago's biggest settlement. You probably didn't even know what a Pokemon was before you got here... and now, you have no idea how to get home.

Fortunately, the Guildmasters are quite understanding. They're willing to help you adjust to your new form, and if you join one of the guilds, you may end up stumbling upon your ticket back home while on one of their explorations.

In the meantime though, you might as well have fun with your new guild membership, or however you choose to spend your time here. You'll explore the strange, ever-changing Mystery Dungeons, rescue Pokemon in need, hunt for treasure, and make new friends all over the multiverse.

And... well... having a little bit of inter-guild competition can't hurt, can it?

Welcome to Rifted Guilds a panfandom, plot-driven roleplay, based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game series.

Reserves are currently OPEN.
Applications open on November 1st.
Game opens on NOVEMBER 6TH.
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