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nomuertamods in se_rpgads

The virus came on swift and fast, taking out more than half the population in the blink of an eye and showed no sign of slowing down and certainly not of stopping. The virus was easily spread from person to person, starting off with flu-like symptoms; fever, fatigue, muscle aches and progressively, it got worse with different, unusual symptoms springing up. Aggression, disorientation which led to an eventual deterioration of the mind, and an insatiable hunger.

It looked like the end of the world to everyone. People were sick all over and if they weren't sick yet, they were left to fight off and kill hordes of the diseased even if it meant ending the life of a loved one.

But hope and salvation came in the form of an offer from an underground city going by the name of City No-Muerta. Though the officials are mysterious, remaining in a highly guarded facility and never being seen but speaking through a group of scientists and doctors, their poster boys and girls, people flocked to the guarded city.

They offered a cure for those in varying stages of the virus, a safe place to live out their lives, some sort of normalcy again.

They didn't know about the costs.

They didn't know about the darker sides of the city.

They didn't know what they were agreeing to.

The population of Earth had dwindled too much. It would have been impossible to repopulate with the number of natives that had come into the city. City No-Muerta had to do something or their efforts would be for nothing, even with the protection against the hordes of diseased above them.

That's when new faces started appearing, confused and tagged, frightened. The natives were told to ignore their talk of different worlds and lands; that they had been in the last stages of the disease and underwent aggressive treatments, that damage to their memory had been sustained. But they did not pose a threat or danger whatsoever. For this reason, they're looked at with sympathy or fear; pitied or disdained depending on the natives and their experiences with those in the final throes of the virus.

Not only that, but the cure came with a severe price. As incentive to mate, the cure had a requirement of sexual intercourse once a week to live comfortable or symptoms of the virus would start to appear again. Citizens are able to go up to a three weeks before the disease became debilitating or overtook them fully. The only solution then? Would be to be hauled off by armed guards that are stationed all around the city for far more harsh treatments in the main facility in the center of town.

For a more aggressive cure to set them straight, to teach them to comply to the demands given. Those who have experienced this will tell you it isn't worth fighting the impulse to have sex.

At least those in City No-Muerta are able to live peaceful, quiet lives regardless.


City No-Muerta is an adult, horror-based panfandom roleplay set in an underground city. We welcome characters from television, comics, anime/manga, video games, etc. Set after a zombie apocalypse, a city offers refuge for natives and a new home for people they drag from other worlds.




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October 2011

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